Site blocking case launched in Federal Court

February 17, 2016 2:10 pm

Village Roadshow has filed a site-blocking case in the Federal Court, the first time the anti-piracy laws have been used in Australia.

Village wants the streaming website Solar Movie blocked from being accessed in Australia. Telstra, and several other large ISPs, are the respondents to the case.

Check out the Village Roadshow case file or the Foxtel case file

Quick summary

  • Village Roadshow has filed a case in the Federal Court to have streaming website Solar Movies blocked
  • Telstra, and several other ISPs, are the respondents to the case.
  • The ISPs will be the ones ordered to block the website, if the case is successful
  • The technical measures being talked about include DNS blocking
  • Foxtel is likely to file its own case against other piracy websites later on
  • Foxtel is targeting The Pirate Bay as part of its action
  • Not everyone is convinced site-blocking will work. Internet Australia says it's a waste of time, and people will be able to avoid it

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