Telstra (and other ISPs) have started blocks: reports and tips (updated again)

December 20, 2016 11:28 pm

TorrentFreak is reporting that the ISP Telstra has begun rolling out the first blocks to stop its customers accessing The Pirate Bay.

However, it some have already appeared to work a way around it.

Telstra has become the very first Australian ISP to block The Pirate Bay, a move designed to crack down on piracy in the country. However, the blocking method chosen by the ISP is the most basic option permitted under the Federal Court's order. As a result, it's been defeated in seconds.

Read the TorrentFreak story here

If you're a customer of Telstra, and are seeing the blocks, email through some screenshots!


Thanks to the several people who have emailed in some screenshots.

Firstly, here's the screenshot of what I am told is a Telstra (over wifi) connection, no longer reaching Pirate Bay:

And on Android:

But apparently, SolarMovie on Telstra isn't yet blocked, which is interesting as it was among the sites ordered blocked by the Federal Court.

I wonder why Telstra is blocking one, but not the other (yet).

As usual, if you see anything interesting send in a tip or an email: contact -at- s115a -dot- com

Also, on the subject of tips someone has said that SolarMovie "seems to be unavalible from an optus internet connection." Can anyone verify this?

UPDATE: 11 Jan 2017

Just going through the tips we've received over the last few weeks. As expected, ISPs are blocking access to these sites as per the Federal Court order.

  • Solarmovie blocked today by Telstra
  • Every single website on the Sites blocked page is blocked on the Optus network.
  • seems to be unavailable from an Optus internet connection. Also ThePirateBay is availible for us atm

This is apparently Optus' block page:

And Internode's (owned by TPG):

UPDATE: 13 Jan 2017 Here are the IP addresses of the various ISP servers hosting the blocking notices.

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