Site blocking round up. What's working? What's not?

January 11, 2017 10:07 am

There's a tip in the tips queue about Internode's approach to site blocking I'd like to explore.

As of a few days before Christmas, the tipster reported to "Internode has activated its block".

The ISP's splash/notification page looks like this:

But interestingly, tipster writes "as far as I can tell, a DNS change does not bypass it."

We know that people quickly worked a way around the blocks, but could this imply that some ISPs have a slightly stronger approach to blocking than others?

I don't want to get into publishing ways to get around the blocks, but I'm interested if any readers have worked out how to get around Internode's (and more widely, TPG's) approach.

Let me know via the tips page, or via email (there's a PGP option, if you're that way inclined). I'll update the story if anything comes up.

UPDATE 12 Jan 2017

According to our tipsters it seems that getting around TPG's block is as "easy" as - that is, setting the computer to use Google's public DNS service rather than using the ISPs default.

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