Village Roadshow preps Federal Court site-blocking application

November 24, 2015 10:06 am

Has the count down to a web-blocking case finally reached zero? After months of nothing, site-blocking news is popping up almost by the day.

Over at CNET, Claire Reilly reports that Village Roadshow could be "first off the blocks" in getting a site-blocking application into the Federal Court.

Village Roadshow will be one of the first rights holders to put new site-blocking laws to the test, confirming it is preparing an application to the Federal Court under the Government's anti-piracy legislation.

No details on when or which sites, as yet. Village Roadshow is not commenting further.

It's not entirely unexpected that Village Roadshow would be interested in testing the new laws. And don't forget that three months ago, Foxtel was saying a case would be filed within months.

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